Open Singles (Juniors without Partners)

Open Singles is a category that provides the opportunity for a boy or girl to compete even though he or she does not have a dance partner. The single boy or girl competing under this category, will be the one wearing the number in RED so that our Judges know which of the two is to be judged. We have provided separate Open Singles entry forms for this category in both the American and International style. In the case of the Open Singles Category, consecutive level restrictions do not apply to the partner of the Open Single competitor.


Couples may dance in two (2) consecutive levels at one time, i.e., Bronze and Silver or Silver and Gold.

International Style

Only ISTD syllabus figures are allowed, except in Pre-Championship and Championship events where any variations may be danced. Figures must be danced within the framework of the syllabus with respect to timing, precedes and follows, hand-holds and degree of turn. Standard techniques should not be artificially embellished and “borrowing” of figures from one dance to another is not permitted. Invigilators will be used for all CLOSED syllabus categories. Any competitor committing infractions, will first be warned by our Invigilator. If no corrections are made, it will result in being placed last or disqualified. If your routines have any form of choreography other than the specified syllabus, please enter the OPEN category, to avoid being disqualified.

American Style Division

Accepted syllabi must be used in each syllabus category entered; other variations may be danced in Pre-Championship and Championship events. The figures set forth in the NDCA approved syllabi are strongly recommended.